License Coordinator

Worry-Free Automatic License Reassignment

RightAngle licenses are expensive. That's why we created License Coordinator to help you get more out of your existing RightAngle licenses.

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Perception vs Reality

You only thought your RightAngle system was at capacity.

For the first time ever, tracking RightAngle user activity is now possible! While all of your licenses are assigned to specific users, our studies show that only 40-60% of users are logged in at any one time.

This means you have a staggering number of dormant licenses available for additional RightAngle users at ALL times throughout the day. The study shows the user growth possible in a RightAngle environment that started with 100 licenses assigned to 100 users.

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Better compliance

Improve RightAngle license compliance.

We provide more accurate license compliance than RightAngle. With License Coordinator, you can:

  • Ensure you never have more users in the system than licenses.
  • Improve RAIV authentication.
  • Create robust RightAngle access audit reporting.
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What happens after the demo?

1. Capture usage.

Our typical trials run 90 days from installation to completion. This allows your team to capture your usage over a period of time.

2. Analyze your data.

Our team of experts will help you generate usage reports and interpret the data captured to better understand and analyze your usage.

3. Start saving.

Go-live with License Coordinator and leverage RightAngle license cost savings, compliance, audit reporting, and more!

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Learn how you can save money, optimize your platform, and maximize your ROI with our advanced RightAngle tools.

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